Sunday, 25 October 2015

1,2,3 to a Positive me


So the last post I did on here was at the end of Summer and here we are again in Autumn and how quickly its flown! Since my last post I have of course gone back to training at Italia Conti for what has been a very busy first half of term. Going back into college undoubtedly brought on a lot of mixed emotions, excitement, nerves and of course anxiety. As some of you will know I suffer a lot with my anxiety and battling the nerves and emotions that come with it is a daily task for me. In this post I am going to show a few thinks I do to help keep on top of my anxiety and help myself to feel more positive.

1. Preparation and organisation.
For me, one of the biggest things to stress me out is the feeling of being unorganised and going into something without some sort of plan of action. So this year I decided over summer to get properly organised and ready myself for my first day back. One of the first things I did was got myself to town and went around all the stationary shops picking up some things I felt I would need/that would come in handy. The first thing I picked up was a small A5 term time diary, I'd never really used a diary properly before but seeing as the new term would bring a lot of new events, shows, auditions and important days I felt this would really help me to keep on top of my schedule. These diaries are really handy little things to keep in your handbag and I picked mine up from a little shop called the works for just £1, It's a really simple matte black cover with silver metallic writing and I really liked this one as it also came with pages for notes, numbers, addresses and other useful information. Another handy little thing I picked up from the same shop was this really cute little A5 lined notebook- again a good size to keep in your handbag. I originally got this to use as my notebook for college, however I decided it would actually be a really good little book to use for blog ideas, recipes and other little notes. It's so pretty to keep on a side as decoration and for only £2 It's a great little find.

2. Having time to relax

This is one thing I've never really been very good at, as I often find myself feeling like I should be doing something all the time, however, I do feel it's really important to give yourself time to sit back and empty your mind a little bit and although it can be hard to fiat in, it can really rejuvenate you and taking the time out just once a week can be really beneficial. For me I like to give myself a good pamper session and find the best time to do this is the weekend, either  in the morning before going out shopping or a night out, or as a chilled evening in. This usually involves a long bubble bath with candles and wine (cheeky) followed by a face mask and mani/pedi while snuggled in a big fluffy dressing gown/ onezie with a good film on or some chilled out music-usually Ben Howard. There are of course many other ways to chill out and relax and everyone has there own personal favourite was of doing it. Whichever way you choose to do so, I strongly recommend giving yourself the time for it as it can really detox your mind and make you feel a lot more positive.

3. Saying "I can"

One of the most important factors of being more positive is of course having a positive mind and although especially with anxiety that can be a hard thing to always remember to do, teaching yourself to do so can really help you to take a step forward in beating anxiety or just simply making you a happier person. Saying "I can" doesn't just mean literally either, for example if you're going out with friends or you have an appointment at the doctors or something (which is something that tends to always set me off) just taking the time when getting ready to tell your self its ok and that there is nothing to fear can settle/fight that immediate flight and fear response, I find that pushing these negative thoughts to the back of your mind and forcing yourself out the door can be difficult but when you look back on it will make you feel a lot more positive and like you're getting more on top of your anxiety.

So that's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this and would love to hear if any of these methods have helped you in the past or if you have any of your own. I sometimes feel that little things like that can do a lot when it comes to anxiety and even though it's not going to get rid of it, it can work along side the difficult journey of learning how to manage it.

I hope you all have a good Halloween and if you're feeling the festivities then feel free to check out the video I filmed with my best friend Chloe where we took part in some Halloweenie fun! LINK HERE

Thanks for Reading!!

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