Monday, 8 April 2013

What's in my hand luggage?

So as you probably know and are getting sick of hearing now, tomorrow I am going on a school drama trip to New York. This post is going to be like a 'what's in my bag post' as I thought it would be an interesting post to do as it's a lot neater than my hand bag!

There are more things in my luggage of course, however they aren't really interesting so would just be a waste of your time reading them aha. I also apologise as I haven't put the prices on them because I can't really remember how much they cost

Bag- Ebay (around £15)

Book and sweets- always necessary for long flights hehe

Face wipes    Freshen up wipes- Savers (around £1?)

Phone and head phones (I lost my ipod)    Purse-Primark (around £15) and dollars!!!!

Miss sporty so matte foundation- Boots (around £3)   Miss sporty liquid concealer-Boots (around £2)  Maybelline falsies mascara- Boots (around £8)   Rimmel professional liquid eye-liner-Boots (around £4)  Vaseline-Gift   Carmex- boots (around £2)  Bag-Gift

 I will be away until Saturday and will have jet lag so will be unable to post until sometime next week sorry :( Until then, bon voyage!!!
love Jade xo

Saturday, 6 April 2013

My wishlist-Spring

This is my first wishlist, and I thought I would share it with all my lovely readers. At the moment I'm pretty broke, but I have lots of competitions and my birthday coming up in the next few months which is very exciting, as it means there will be some more money coming back in :)

1. Hollister High rise short-shorts- £44 £33 I'm getting really excited now with summer coming up, and these short are exactly the kind of summery, beach shorts I am just dying to get hold of! They're quite expensive for a pair of shorts, however I know I will wear them pretty much every day in the summer so it will definitely be worth the buy!

2. Topshop floral stripe and spot blouse-£36 From the second I saw this blouse, I was instantly drawn to it. I am really loving chiffon at the moment and I just love the design on the shirt as it's really girly and cute!

3. Topshop Nails in air kisses-£5 I have currently run out of my blue nail varnish, and this is the next one I am looking to buy. I love the shade of blue and it's a very summery looking colour which I would probably wear most of the time throughout the holidays. It's also a good price for a nail polish so is very affordable for me.

4. Converse all star Hi in pink-£44.99 (office) I have been after these for a while now, as I don't really own any pink shoes and I feel like I should considering it's my favourite colour! I think they're really cute and would brighten up any outfit.

5.MAC so chaud lipstik-£14 I have always wanted a MAC lipstick and I can't wait to get my hands on this one! I think this is  a reasonable price and I would be happy to pay it. I love the reddy/orange colour of this one and it really stands out and would again brighten up a look. I literally can't wait to own one of these!

6. River island Pink heart print skater skirt- £10 I love the design of this skirt so much and when I saw it I just wanted to own one! I later realised that they only do this in Girls sizes, however this doesn't matter for me as I nearly always find that and kind of leg wear fits better in a child's size because women's are always to big round the waist or too long for me :( I think this is a really good price for it and will be willing to pay for it as I loves it that much!

I hope you enjoyed this post and love the products as much as I do!
Please comment and follow as it would mean a lot!
Jade xo

P.S. Me and Laura from Lauraspicsxo, will be doing a Q&A soon so if you have any questions for us, please leave them in a comment bellow or on either of our Q&A pages. They can be about absolutely anything you want and they don't have to be beauty related. We will answer all of your questions so ask away! (more info on either of out Q&A pages)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OOTD-Spring holiday

Hello everyone!
It's finally here yay!!!
I decided to redo my OOTD yesterday and change it to a spring one, as where I am in Swanage was really sunny yesterday so I changed to a more summery outfit. So because of this, all these shots were taken on the camp site (yes I did get some funny looks haha)
Floral lace top- New look (around Christmas time)
Skater Skirt-New look
Blue Kustoms-Zalando

 I really love skater skirts at the moment, especially when they are matched with a pair of shoes the same colour. I don't often buy much from New Look,however I fell in love with this skirt and I wanted this top for a part at Christmas time. These are all relatively new clothes I have bought for my trip to New York so the skirt and shoes should still be on sale, however I'm not sure if the top is any more but ho hum.

Bag-A random UK stock of some bag brand in china?
This is my hand luggage bag for New York and I absolutely love it! It's really cute and the perfect size/weight for all my little odds and ends.
So there it is, my OOTD finally!
I have no idea when my next blog post might be, as I am still on holiday. I will do a Preparation and packing for NY post including a meet my best friend/sleepover post with Laura (Lauraspicsxo)
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love xo

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter-Cider museum and Corfe castle

Hello again! So another reason I have been unable to post recently, is because I am having a very jam packed Easter holiday. The first week has been spent in my Caravan in a lovely little town called Swanage. If you ever get the opportunity to go, then do because it's such a beautiful place and some of the views are just amazing. It also has some gorgeous beaches! I will do a blog post about the whole holiday, however this is just a snippet on what we did today :)

So today just me, my mum and Dad went to a lovely place in Dorset where there was a Cider museum. It sounds boring, however it was actually really interesting to see how the Cider was made. We also got to try some different Ciders (well I didn't because I'm under-age) and we then bought some home made Cider for ourselves :)

One of the machines they use to get the juice out the apples
One of the bottles of Cider we bought

 In the little shop we also found some little traditional biscuits. We bought some different flavoured Dorset butter biscuits and ate them when we got back to the caravan. They were luuurrvely!

OOTD Coming either tonight or tomorrow (tonight might be too much of a blog overload haha)

Thanks for reading :) xo

Apologies! [Please take time to read]

Wow, what a relief to be back! I will start off by wishing you all a very happy Easter and I hope you have spent it well (with lot's of chocolate obviously) Unfortunately I haven't been on here in what feels like ages so I'm really behind with all of my posts  which makes me very sad :( I will eventually do my OOTD which I said in my last post I would do but my camera broke then loads of stuff happened and it was all a big kerfuffle. I hope you don't all hate me for being so useless but I have had a lot on my plate recently so have been unable to find the time/ haven't been in the right state of mind to post. There are some reasons that I will explain to you in this post, however some I can't say as they are very serious and personal to me.

So here we go, where do I start?...
Here seems a good place. (This point will be very brief as it is very personal to me)As I mentioned on my goals and ambitions page, I don't have very much self confidence and I suffer from anxiety. In the last month all of the upset and lowness inside has built up a lot worse than it already was and eventually all the feelings I had bottled up inside came out to my closest friends and family. I didn't intend to tell anyone and the only reason they found out is because my teacher noticed and rung my parents and told me to  tell my best friends. However I am grateful that they are aware now as I am receiving lot's of help and am beginning to feel a lot better in myself and even though I do still feel these horrible emotions, I know that there will be someone there who will help me through it. I was really reluctant about my parents finding out in fear of them being 'disappointed in me' and 'upset with the person I've become' as at the time I felt incredibly low and didn't see why anyone would care. But since telling them I realise that it's not something that should be bottled up inside and I don't know what might have happened if I hadn't told someone. If you reading this have or know someone who has these kind of feelings or self harm, don't keep it behind closed doors, don't hide it behind a fake smile, tell someone, your friends, your parents, a teacher, a doctor, anyone you can trust. Because people do care and will help you see the end, and even if it feels like it won't get better, telling someone will get you that step closer to recovery.

"If you don't see anything beautiful, buy a better mirror. Look a little closer. Stare a little longer. Because there is something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to give up"

This happened just over a week ago and again left me with no emotional/ physical strength to do anything. 
Those who know me, will know that Tia was a huge part of my life and family and loosing her was one of the worst things to happen at one of the most inconvenient times. 

On the 4th November 1999, this beautiful fluff ball was born into our world. Out off all the puppies she was my girl (well the only girl haha) and from the age of one, I instantly became attached to her so she became ours. After a few years of growing up together he beautiful mother Micia, sadly passed away. As I was only young I don't really remember this but I do remember lying next to Tia and crying into her coat. It was these moments that made us even stronger as a pair and from then on she became that missing piece in my heart. Wherever I went, I always wanted Tia there with me, we went on walks together, on holiday together and even slept next to each other. She was always the sister I never had and she will never be replaced. She was my comfort when I was sad and lonely, and was always there through thick and thin. We used to have these silly games we used to play and would roll around on the floor together like we had no troubles in the world.   We used to do this everyday up until she became ill...

Finding out there was nothing the vets could do for her was the most horrible news I have ever been told. I didn't want to believe that someone who meant so much to me was going to be taken away. I remember just collapsing to the floor in disbelief and feeling so sick I couldn't move for an hour. It was down to me to decide when it was going to be done and she was so ill, It finally hit me that she needed to be put out of her pain. Now thinking back I realise it was the right thing to do and even though she's not physically there, she will always be there in my heart and no one will ever replace her.She was a huge part of our family and gave us all so much but, sadly on the 22/03/2013 we had to say goodbye. :( Never forgotten, forever in our hearts. Sleep in peace angel xoxo