Thursday, 5 February 2015

Winter beauty favourites

Hello Everyone!
So as you all are very aware it's still winter and we're still in those cold dark months after Christmas where everything can seem a bit dull and boring. However, there is also a plus side of the season as it's the time of parties, family and gatherings with colours of reds, browns, maroons, burgundy' and many more deep extravagant colours. This winter I have found a lot of new beauty products I've fallen in love with so I have decided to share some of those with you guys...

1 Bobbi Brown bronzing powder- I absolutely love this stuff! It's a lovely matte pressed power that when applied to the skin looks naturally bronzed and it can really help define your features. I use this stuff all the time, and although it's pricey, it's definitely worth the buy and lasts a very long time!

2. Maybelline colour sensational in shade '150 Stellar pink'- I got this as a gift and wasn't sure about the colour at first, however when I applied the lipstick for the first time it was this beautiful, natural dark pinky colour with a slight bit of shimmer and I actually fell in love with it. It's well pigmented and can be worn with any look and I tend to wear it most days for a slightly toned down natural look. It's also good for when you want to dress up nice but don't want to go al the way with red lipstick- it's also good for eating/drinking because it doesn't notice too much when it starts to rub off.
3. BarryM limited addition nail polish- Annoyingly I've left the bottle for this in my flat in London and I'm writing this post at home so I don't actually know what colour it is. I don't tend to wear blue nail polishes much however, when I got this and tried it out, It came out this lovely metallic kind of blue colour and I actually really love it. It has a slight bit of shimmer and can really add colour to a boring outfi, I also think this kind of colour could be worn all year round to match any seasonal look.

4. Benefit Pore-fessional PRO balm- Oh my gosh I absolutely swear by this stuff. The first time I heard of this was when I got my make up done by benefit for my pro and I had two spots on my chin that I really hated, but after applying this as a primer with foundation on top, the spots were no longer visible. From that instant I had to buy this so after a very hasty £25 I added this beauty to my collection. It is really silky, lightweight and oil free so it's great for most skin types. It can be worn either on top or underneath foundation and it instantly minimises the appearance of pores. I wear this every day and I couldn't recommend this enough, even though it's quite pricey it lasts a long time and really works wonders.

5. EcoTools full powder brush- This actually came as a mini set of three different EcoTools brushes. This was my first encounter with the brand but shortly after using them I began to really like them. They're really light weight , east to use brushes all made from bamboo and recycled materials. Now you may also agree that a girl can never have too many make up brushes and although I have hundreds of the things, I am always happy to try out new brands. One thing I love about these it they're smaller so I cant take them around in my bad wherever I go and this brush in particular can be used for powder, blush or bronzer and blends really well.

6. Bourjois so Matte top coat- For a very long time I had been looking for a matte top coat as I am a big lover of matte looks and everything matte, and in looking for a different brand I stumbled across this one that was actually a little bit cheaper than the brand I was looking for.

7.Maybelline colour sensational in shade ''547 Pleasure me red" - I am a great lover of red lipstick so I couldn't wait for winter to wear deeper darker shades with more every day looks. I was after a good red shade for a while but in more of a deeper colour and as I already own a few of their lipsticks, I knew I liked the brand and was generally always happy with the quality of the lipstick so decided to look at what shades they had and when looking I came across this colour which is a lovely deep red which I felt was really nice and festive. I really love the way this colour looks on my skin, it's easy to apply,really well pigmented and lasts a long time even with eating and drinking. Although it's not completely matte, I actually really like the slight shimmer of the lipstick and think it can really add to a party look.

8. Seventeen smoulder eye gel- Personally I have always been a big fan of liquid eye liners and have always used them for all my makeup looks, so when I was given this as a gift I was a bit sceptical about how I would get along with using it. However when I decided to give it ago I was actually really impressed with how easy and neat it was to apply. It's a really nice jet black colour which, because it's a gel it lasts for quite a while and you don't have the annoying wait with your eyes shut while it dries so you don't end up looking like you've been punched in the face. The liner is also really good for blending so it can really add to a smoky eye look and I will definitely be using it a lot more often. However as much as I love the gel eye-liner I think I will always stick to using a liquid when doing wings and other crisp, precise shapes but this is definitely a new must have in my makeup collection.

So there you have it, my 8 winter beauty favourites. Even though I will be wearing most if not all of these items throughout the year, I feel that they most suit the winter season and I have worn them a lot this winter. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments bellow of any of your beauty or any other favourites from this season or if you also have any experience of reviews on any of the items featured in this post. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! xo

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