Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OOTD-Spring holiday

Hello everyone!
It's finally here yay!!!
I decided to redo my OOTD yesterday and change it to a spring one, as where I am in Swanage was really sunny yesterday so I changed to a more summery outfit. So because of this, all these shots were taken on the camp site (yes I did get some funny looks haha)
Floral lace top- New look (around Christmas time)
Skater Skirt-New look
Blue Kustoms-Zalando

 I really love skater skirts at the moment, especially when they are matched with a pair of shoes the same colour. I don't often buy much from New Look,however I fell in love with this skirt and I wanted this top for a part at Christmas time. These are all relatively new clothes I have bought for my trip to New York so the skirt and shoes should still be on sale, however I'm not sure if the top is any more but ho hum.

Bag-A random UK stock of some bag brand in china?
This is my hand luggage bag for New York and I absolutely love it! It's really cute and the perfect size/weight for all my little odds and ends.
So there it is, my OOTD finally!
I have no idea when my next blog post might be, as I am still on holiday. I will do a Preparation and packing for NY post including a meet my best friend/sleepover post with Laura (Lauraspicsxo)
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love xo


  1. I don't buy much normally from New Look either, but I do like your skirt!

    Megan x

    1. yeah sometimes I don't really like any of their stock and sometimes I love what they have, thank you! I am now following you :)
      Jade xo

  2. thanks for that, Jade :) I really appreciate it. New follower right here <3 xoxo

  3. oh and I really like your backpack. Adorable x