Goals and Ambitions

I'm pretty sure I have hundreds of Goals and Ambitions, but here are a few of the most important ones to me:
  1. To get that lucky break
  2. Achieve my biggest dreams
  3. Be happy all the time
  4. Be more positive
  5. Only surround myself with positive people
  6. Do a hot yoga class
  7. Become more body confident
  8. Prove people who doubted me wrong
  9. Buy some mac makeup
  10. Have someone famous follow/comment on my blog
  11. Get an A or A* in Dance/Drama
  12. To continue with this blog and make it bigger
  13. One day have the confidence to make you tube videos
  14. Go on a girly holiday
  15. Write more songs


  1. how tall are you? and would you be interested in doing a blog button swap?:)xxxxx

    1. I on't actually know, but i'm smaller than a lot of people in my year (not abnormally small though)and I would love to :) xxx